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Do You Know PC Strand Unbonded?

Jun. 30, 2021

Do You Know PC Strand Unbonded?

PC strand unbonded, also known as PC steel strand unbonded, has good corrosion resistance. Coat the surface of the steel strand or wire harness with special anti-corrosion grease, and then coat with polyethylene plastic, generally low-pressure high-density polyethylene (HDPE). Due to the use of anti-corrosion grease and polyethylene plastic, the steel strand can be isolated from the concrete, so that the steel strand itself can move freely in the layer, thereby making the construction convenient. The unbonded PC steel strand has low friction and is easy to bend into many curved shapes. Therefore, it is suitable for special structures such as cast-in-place concrete floors and large-load of precast beams.


Low relaxation and high tensile strength.

No room for future expansion is needed.

Good corrosion resistance.

Easy to use.

Material preservation.

It is easy to bend.

HDPE coated.


Prestressed concrete structures: concrete silos, retaining walls, dams.

Building structure: factories, high-rise buildings, building foundation pillars, hollow floor slabs, building slabs.

Bridges and road structures: railway and highway bridges, urban overpasses, PC bridges.

Protective structure: The shell of nuclear power plant is safe.

Water conservancy engineering structures: water towers, sewage treatment, water conservancy, hydro-power engineering, water pipes.

Other uses: TV towers, poles, crane beams, soil anchors, rock anchors, etc.

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PC Strand Unbonded

PC Strand Unbonded

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